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Zsa'nee has a wild and crazy personality with attention to detail when it comes to showing women their value and worth through an image. With 13 years experience behind her she apologizes for nothing but gives energy to what is most important - YOU - her client.

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GLITCH SPEAKER 2020 & 2021


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Michelle trail


Founder of Traillionaires, serves on several boards and a corporate liaison to the most strategic tech companies around.

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Cammie Parrish

Style & Design

I've been in the industry for 2 years.

It’s another creative medium for me to express my gifts and talents. 

I want to  touch the lives of black women with all of my creative gifts.

For me being a boss lady is about living my joy in all that I do. 

My intention is for flow and harmony; balance is not necessarily achieved or necessary, however my life flows and is in harmony no matter how I need to slice the pie on any given day. 

MY THOUGHTS: A well lived life is curated one piece at a time.



Melanie joyce

FASHION Designer

Featured in @britishvogue/@303magazine



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April Denmon


Top 1% of Denver Realtors

Serving CO. 22 years

IG @aprilddenverrealtor

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joce blake


15 years in the industry

I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer. My love for fashion and Blackness is what I love to write about most — it’s what makes me, me.

Being a Black woman in all spaces. Especially luxury is the reason I love what I do.

My ultimate goal is to highlight the magic of Black women.

Joce is Black Girl Magic. She is a cultural curator.

I love showing up as a Black woman. We are the blueprint. Nothing moves without us.

Continuously pouring into my cup is essential to producing in my work and personal life. Therapy is also a huge part of finding balance.

Protect and serve Black women!





MY THOUGHTS: Wild Word Woman — the Next Oprah but make it sophistiratchet.

Mindy duff

Managing Director

Managing Director for a Boutique/Concierge Staffing and Recruiting Agency

I was heavily involved Philanthropically in Omaha, NE. I was also very involved Socially and in the fashion world in Omaha.  As a mixer and mingler, it was a very easy transition into Sales. I turned meeting, socializing, connecting and relationship building into a new and exciting career.

My goal is to help build my company into a larger, more profitable company within the next year. 

I want people to see me as approachable, fun to be around, easy to talk to, interesting and continually building relationships and making friends with each and every person I come into contact with. 

I love the fact that I know each and every one of my clients well and think of them not just as clients, but as friends. Being able to take care of them, know about their lives, their hobbies, kids, what they like to eat, drink, etc., makes my job fun and rewarding.    

I work hard, and play hard. Socializing with friends, golfing, working out, and working....its all a balance.


Mindy Wales Duff- Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn


MY THOUGHTS: Positive, Upbeat, Rockstar Concierge Managing Director of a Staffing Recruiting company specializing in IT, loving people and loving life!.

sylvia waller

Beauty Runs Skin Deep

I have been in The beauty industry for 12 years.

I love engaging with women, enhancing their God giving beauty with makeup, encouraging them to embrace their own beautiful uniqueness. We tend to be tough on ourselves and don't always see ourselves the way others see us. Now that can go either way (LOL) The goal hear is to have a fruitful heart and the beauty of your fruitful spirit permeates and enhances your outer beauty.

I'm also an advocate and volunteer community educator for the Alzheimer's Associaton raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise and the connection to brain health. Also Member of the Aurora branch of the NAACP and work on the health and wellness committee.

My ultimate goal is to have a business designed to encourage and empower women to embrace their beautiful uniqueness with confidence. To learn how to enhance the beauty they were born with whatever that looks like, however never compare themselves to others but work on being the best version of themselves.

 I have learned to embrace the unique beauty in maturity and aim to age gracefully. Through a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise you can change the way you age rather than age changing you.

Being boss lady gives you fleabite as well as the ability to control financial growth.


IG: Sylvia Waller-Model, Mrs Colorado2020, Beauty Runs Skin Deep 

FB: Sylvia Waller Beauty Runs Skin Deep


MY THOUGHTS: Beauty Runs Skin Deep- Manifest a fruitful heart! Don't let age change you! Change the way you age! and Age gracefully!


VIRTUAL Administrative Assistant

I am a wife and mother. Part of me being an entrepreneur or boss lady is allowing myself the flexibility to be with my family.

Virtual Administrative Assistant with over 15 years of work experience.

I enjoy helping people accomplish their goals and ease any stress they may have in their perspective fields of work and career.

I take pride in my work and the things I do for others. I am a reflection of those individuals and entities I represent and work wit. I represent class and professionalism.

I believe in investing in myself. I get out what I put in as an entrepreneur. I am clear that there will be wins, losses, and failures along the way. I must learn from the decisions I make and push forward.


IG: @assuredvirtual

Facebook: //

LinkedIn: //


MY THOUGHTS: Quality, brand awareness, and stress relief is what I bring for a healthy work-life-balance.


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